5 tips to find a shooting location in Paris

The list of cult movies shot in France is long! But to shoot a film, short film or feature film, a television series, a documentary, a music video or even an interview ... Finding the shooting location in Paris perfectly matching the director's expectations is not always easy. You want to walk in the footsteps of Jean Pierre Jeunet? We then have 5 tips that will help you to succeed in finding the ideal location in the capital.


1 / Understand perfectly the expectations of the director

When looking for a location in Paris for a project, whatever its nature, it is essential that you have read the script or the brief.

Indeed, the in-depth analysis of these documents should allow you to get a clear and precise idea of the director’s expectations in terms of exterior and interior decorations. It's up to you to see what comes closest to your visits.


2 / Being able to work your memory

Because it is not always easy to go all-Paris to "flush out" the ideal place in a few days, it is sometimes effective to work his memory.

If you are used to walking the streets of the capital, you may already have in your memory the perfect shooting location in Paris. If so, just go there to see if the place really is suitable or not.


3 / Always keep your camera on you

When finding a film location in Paris, it is relevant to always have a video recorder or a camera. Thus, you can photograph or film the places likely to interest you.

On one hand, it will allow you to see the rendering to the image - often different from reality - and on the other hand, it will give you the opportunity to better present the site to the team in charge of the realization.


4 / Respect some criteria

Any public or private space does not necessarily fulfill all the criteria for hosting a film crew in good conditions. Thus, a film location in Paris must:

- Being easy to access

- Being close to parking spaces to allow the transportation of technical equipment

- Offer a space large enough to accommodate a make-up area and a place dedicated to costumes and accessories

- Propose a real ceiling height (for interior spaces) so that sound recorders can work properly

- Provide power that is powerful enough to meet the needs of film crews

- To be secure

Of course, this is only a non-exhaustive list of criteria to consider ...


5 / Dare to think outside the box

The best filming locations are not easy to find. It is thus necessary to stroll in the city in order to find the perfect place, sometimes only for a few scenes!

It is indeed often in unexpected places that lies the ideal spot to achieve a project. A hidden building located at the end of a courtyard and out of sight for example ...


Now that you know a little more about finding a shooting location in Paris, know that the Kube Paris Hotel can accommodate you for your projects of movies, series, clips or interviews. Between the post-apocalyptic world of its "Après" bar-restaurant, the polar universe of its ice bar and the greenery of its inner courtyard, this establishment is an unusual place in the 18th arrondissement, very popular with directors and companies of production.

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