Kube Hotel Paris - Host your corporate event in the ICE KUBE BAR

Besides the traditonal end-of-year party and all formal events like seminars, it is encourage to host corporate parties to ease relationship boundings between your collaborators in a casual environment. Whether it is an afterwork or a coktail evening, here’s a few advices to succeed in setting-up an event in a unique venue like the Kube Paris et its notorious Ice Bar.



The planning is the most important part. You must clearly determine the goal of your event. Is it the team-bulding between your associates. Your aim is to transmit the company’s vision to your partners ?Or is it the promotion of your newly released product ? According to your answer, you can now select the most suitable place. Anyways, the purpose of your event must be clearly idenfied by your team. Throughout this first phase, flexibility is key, whether for the choice of the entertainment, the caterer or even the date. By identifying precisely your audience, you’re holding all the cards to your success. Finally, a themed party could be a great choice and don’t forget to plan some breaks with entertainements.


Define the budget

Now that you have set up the core motive of your event, you must think of your budget. Start by budgeting every category to have an accurate vision of what you can do. It’s capital to ask for quotes before signing anything.


Choose the right place

You want to host you event in a bar for a change ? Great idea ! Indeed, in a casual environment it’s easier to bound with your fellow workers. Hierarchical relationships can be forgotten and leave room for spontaneity. The Ice Kube Bar knows how to dazzle your audience in a unique way. Don’t hesitate to discover this unseen place. You can also book a mixology animation to engage your guests and have a fun moment. Everyone will enjoy this and have a great time they will remember.


Select the setting

Instead of privatising a room, book a caterer, looking for a DJ and hunt for animations : book a bar with an all-inclusive formula seems to be the best option. The Ice Kube Bar shall know how to make you live a unique experience. The room’s temperature is -20 degrees. Sip some coktails to warm you up and be part of a mixology entertainement. The bartender will teach you some recipes alcohol-free or not to recreate at home.


Pre-Order or open bar ?

Know that you can pre-order your drinks or choose the open-bar formula. On one hand, you can keep control of the price but you can run out of stock if you didn’t order enough. On the other hand, the second choice is more attractive for your event to be a success. 
You must take into account that in Paris’ hype places are generally full. Therefore privatizing the bar is a wiser and safer option to create a special and friendly atmosphere. Don4t hesitate to check our website and get in contact with our event specialists so they can provide every information you need.
The Ice Kube bar is waiting for you for a successful corporate evening!

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