Follow this summer's badminton tournament at the Porte de la Chapelle Arena in Paris


A show not to be missed this summer

This year's Badminton competition promises a high-flying spectacle for fans of this sport of speed and agility. 172 players compete in 5 different categories. Imagine yourself immersed in the action, as the world's best players battle it out for the title. For those looking to immerse themselves in this captivating world, the Kube Paris hotel, nestled at 1 Passage Ruelle in Paris, offers a luxury retreat just moments from the competition venues.


Easy access to badminton matches from Hotel Kube Paris

Thanks to its proximity to the Arena Porte de la Chapelle, getting to the badminton events is very easy for guests of the Hotel Kube Paris. Here are some practical ways of getting to the competition venues:

  • Metro: Take metro line 12 from “Marx Dormoy” station, direction “Mairie D'Aubervilliers”, just a few minutes' walk from the hotel. Get off at Porte de la Chapelle station and you're there!
  • Bus: Take bus line 38 from the “Departement - Marx Dormoy” stop, direction “La Chapelle-Arena”, near the Kube Paris hotel. Get off at the “Porte de la Chapelle” stop and let the excitement of the Olympic Games guide you.
  • On foot: Walk from the Hotel Kube Paris to the competition venues, just a 20-minute walk away. Take the opportunity to discover Paris' hidden treasures along the way!



Experience the excitement of badminton matches

Badminton is much more than just a game of shuttlecocks! It's a dynamic dance on the court, where speed, agility and precision combine to create moments of pure spectacle. Badminton, often considered tennis' calmer cousin, is a sport that combines finesse and skill. On the court, players use precision and coordination to handle the racket and hit the shuttlecock with accuracy. Every rally is a challenge of skill and strategy, where the aim is to place the shuttlecock where the opponent can't retrieve it. Whether singles, doubles or mixed, badminton offers fluid and captivating moments of play, where competition takes place in a spirit of fair play and camaraderie.

The Adidas Arena, or Arena Porte de la Chapelle e was inaugurated in February 2024 and was built for this summer's sporting events. This 8,000-seat arena will host the 2024 badminton events, and is destined to become a veritable cultural hub north of Paris. Eco-designed and accompanied by a renovation of the forecourt and neighborhood, it represents a stage of renewal for the Porte de la Chapelle district.

Porte de la Chapelle, a cosmopolitan neighborhood close to Montmartre

The Porte de la Chapelle district, located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, is an emblematic place where history, cultural diversity and urban dynamism come together. With its lively streets, colorful markets and numerous green spaces, this neighborhood offers a true immersion in Parisian authenticity. Here you'll find a multitude of restaurants, cafés and boutiques, as well as historic sites such as the Sacré-Coeur Basilica and the famous Montmartre district. Let yourself be seduced by the warm, cosmopolitan atmosphere of Porte de la Chapelle and the 18th arrondissement, while enjoying the Badminton competitions!


Choose the Kube Paris Hotel to attend the competition

The Kube Hotel Paris is more than just a place to stay: it's an experience in itself. Nestled in the heart of the lively Montmartre district, our establishment combines elegance and modernity in a refined, intimate setting. With its Nordic-designed rooms and contemporary, green and festive living spaces, the Kube Hotel Paris offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where every detail is designed to provide comfort and well-being for guests. Whether you're visiting Paris for business or pleasure, the Kube Hotel Paris promises a memorable getaway, where luxury meets conviviality to create unforgettable memories. The hotel invites you to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of this year's sport competitions in Paris.


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