Book your hotel for the Olympics 2024 in Paris!

Book your hotel for the Olympics 2024 in Paris!

Two years ago, France was officially designated organizer of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2024. A century after hosting the last summer Olympics in 1924 ! In 5 years, Paris will be more than ready to host this world event…

If you want to attend it, do not forget to book your hotel in Paris in advance ...


Live an Olympic holiday in Paris!

The Olympic games come from Ancient Greece, specifically from Olympia. Idea "renovated" in 1894 by the Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the first modern Olympic Games date from 1896. Today, it is the most important sports championship in the world! Every four years, the Olympics bring together thousands of athletes from all over the world. Celebration dedicated to sport, you will witness there moments of rare magic and fraternity. Indeed, the whole nation supports its team, counts the gold medals, discovers and admires sports and disciplines, sometimes unknown!

The Olympics will be held in 2024 in Paris from August 2nd to 18th. By then, the city and its surroundings will go through a spectacular transformation! Indeed, the Olympic Organizing Committee and the Paris Council have promised us amazing changes. The Seine will be a important point of the Olympic Games. It will link the different Olympic spots, while the banks will become a celebration outer space! All in a spirit of innovation and respect for the environment.

This is an unprecedented and spectacular project that promises a unique celebration of sport and Olympism in the heart of the French capital.


Paris & the Olympics 2024

Real job creation, innovation and development engine for a country, the Olympics will definitely mark Paris. The Seine will be cleaned to host the triathlon and  the 10 km freestyle events. The improvement of public transport, including the Grand Paris Express, will modernize and densify the network. In a sustainable development perspective, the Olympic villages built for the Paris Olympics will subsequently be transformed into housing. New sports facilities will also be created, in order to have sports field accessible in 5 minutes from everywhere in Paris!

Believing the study of the CDES, the economic benefits will be enormous. It could amount to ten billion euros, and generate between 119,000 and 247,000 jobs in Paris and Île-de-France!


Your hotel for the Olympics 2024

In the immediate vicinity of many sports competitions sites, the Kube is an excellent choice of hotel for the Olympics 2024 in Paris.

Indeed, it is located only a few kilometers away from the Seine Saint Denis (stadium of France, future aquatic center, etc ...), while staying in Paris!

Do not miss the Volley Ball beach at Champs de Mars, the road cycling at the Champs Elysees, the judo at the Grand Palais, the athletics at the Eiffel Tower or yet the archery at the Invalides ...

Former mansion located in the 18th arrondissement, it is now a secret design island with an exquisite post apocalyptic decoration.

Enjoy bright and spacious rooms overviewing the unique green courtyard. Discover a secret hotel in Paris, with a very caring team.

An exceptional setting for an ever more incredible stay!

Come live the magic of the 2024 Olympics in Paris by booking at the Kube Paris Hotel ****

Find the program of the Olympic Games here.



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